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How Alignment Can Help Product Marketers Get Off the Hamster Wheel

I had a great conversation with Ashish Jain on Sales and Marketing alignment and dug into some of the challenges and ideas for building success. I am super excited to be a part of this effort to bring alignment more to the forefront of tech business.


"Research shows that 70% of all marketing content remains unused by sales. If you are a marketer, this statistic is sure to make you squirm … and if you are in sales, you are probably nodding your head and saying, ‘that’s about right.’

There are innumerable examples of sales and marketing activities that don’t align. Such misalignments are often at the core of many broken organizations. So…how do we bridge the gap and make these two strategic activities to focus on a common goal? Let’s hear what the experts say! Our guest today is Jennifer Robinson. She is a Sales and Marketing Alignment enthusiast with over 20 years of hands-on experience in sales enablement. In her current role at Veeam software, Jennifer leads Global Sales Messaging and Engagement and converts complex technical information into easy to understand positioning that helps sales in street-level customer conversations.

When I first spoke with Jennifer, I felt an instant connection. We both share a passion for aligning sales and marketing. In our conversation today, we will dig deeper into some of the alignment challenges of B2B technology companies and share with you some useful tips with real-world examples of what works and what doesn’t."

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